EVOLVE Delivers Compelling AEM Content for Techies & Marketers Alike

Jess Moore, March 31, 2016

I love this clip. EVOLVE Expert, Penn Jillette answers a question about the attention span and marketing to today’s youth.  Let’s just say it’s not the answer you’d expect. It is however a great example of how EVOLVE features content that is compelling for both marketers and deep technical folks during our keynotes.   


Coming off the Adobe Summit in Las Vegas I can’t help but think that Adobe has done a great job of fine tuning the content and creating breakouts for AEM and the community. The challenge is that the shear size of the event makes it very hard to get into the level of detail and community building that the AEM world is looking for.

That’s why we started EVOLVE in 2012.  It’s since grown to be the largest, most comprehensive AEM event in the world and it's become known as the conference for digital marketers and technologists who want to build successful brands using Adobe Experience Manager.Hubble2.jpg

EVOLVE is the only AEM event where marketers and their technical team can see compelling and relevant keynotes then immerse themselves in technical and marketing tracks that detail how their peers across industries are using AEM to get ahead. It's an initmate event where technical folks and marketers collaborate and leave with fresh ideas to materially improve how they use AEM to connect with their customers.

This year's event will take place August 29-31 at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. Check it out.  Come as team.  Learn and define the next steps that will take you’re AEM investment to the next level.

Interested in other EVOLVE Keynotes? Check out Jackie Kearns (D&B), Loni Stark (Adobe), or Cat Ruesswig (Time Warner Cable). Follow EVOLVE for event updates.  

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Jess Moore

Jess Moore the CEO & Co-Founder of 3|SHARE.