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AEM x AI for Social Content

Jorge Chércoles, April 5, 2023

In case you missed them, we have published two previous articles on using AI with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). The first one introduces the idea and the next article talks about the use case of creating a Summary and Keywords for a written content piece. 

Can AI help me with marketing?

We had so much fun building out a solution for that first use case that we decided to explore another one! 

We have already demonstrated how a content creator can generate a summary and keywords for an article or other written content. But, what if they want to share the published content on social media? Is there a way to create a social post using AI? There is!

Like with other asks of AI tools, if you ask for help writing a social post and provide enough data, the output you’ll receive is a usable post that you can share online!

Generating a Tweet

After creating metadata within a text Content Fragment, we decided to add another AI feature. Using an integration with OpenAI, we made it easy for a content creator to generate a Tweet for their article using the push of a button. See the demonstration in the video below.



While AEM is a very powerful content management system (CMS), integrating it with other technologies enhances it to cover more use cases making the job of content managers easier leaving them more time to strategize and work on their next ideas. Generating simple content like a Tweet using an AI integration is just a start. We have one more article coming in our AI series so look out for that.

At 3|SHARE, we are experts when it comes to Adobe Experience Cloud. If you’re looking to develop new features, want to upgrade your AEM instance or start anew, contact us!

Jorge Chércoles

Jorge Chércoles is an AEM Backend Developer at 3|SHARE. His passion is coding whether that is at work or outside of work. He loves that it gives him the ability to create things out of nothing. At 3|SHARE, Jorge enjoys the work environment and independence he has while doing his job. He is an Adobe Certified Expert having earned the Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer certification.

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