Using Generative AI to Create Metadata for Text in AEM

Clemente Pereyra, April 4, 2023

We recently published an article about using AI in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and in that article, we promised to share some examples of use cases that we created in our own AEM sandbox.

Metadata for Text

When creating a web page or blog article, good SEO and social media practices mean that the content creator will have to create a search-engine friendly summary that will display when a user shares the pages or searches for it. Additionally, keywords are useful for filtering site content and for displaying content that contains keywords. 

Writing a summary and also coming up with keywords can be a time-consuming task. But, it is a task that can be completed in a fraction of the time with only the click of a button if you leave it to an AI to do.

Good news, we made this possible in AEM!

For our first use case, we created an AEM Content Fragment for an article. When creating the Content Fragment, the author enters a title and the full article text. Then, using the AI integration we built, makes the request for a summary and keywords.

How did you automate text metadata creation using AI?

In order to create the Summary and Keywords for our article, we established an integration between AEM and GPT-3 Models by OpenAI.

The cost of using these features is fairly low for the potential and time-saving it provides. Although it varies depending on the model of choice (which depends on the complexity of the task), you can get a fair idea of the cost using the token calculator, assuming the best AI model. As of today, the total cost of the example you'd see below would be around $0.015 USD.



This is just one example of the endless ways you can integrate AEM with an AI tool in order to complete a common practice efficiently. If you liked this, we have more examples in future articles! We’d love to hear what you’re doing with AEM and AI too.

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Clemente Pereyra

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