2023 Adobe Summit Session Shortlist

Rabiah Coon, March 2, 2023

As an Adobe expert services provider, we look forward to Adobe Summit every year and in 2023, we're excited to be back in Las Vegas welcome the return of this awesome in-person event. Adobe Summit brings service partners, customers and Adobe professionals together to find out what features are coming, success stories resulting from implementing Adobe Experience Cloud solutions and new skills to take with them.

As a Platinum Adobe Solutions Partner, 3|SHARE will attend in-person and virtually. We encourage you to show up for the virtual Summit too if you can't make it to Las Vegas. Below, we'll even recommend attending.

3|SHARE and Publicis Sapient at Adobe Summit

If you're reading this and are going to be in Las Vegas, be sure to say hello to our team on the ground:

  • Paul Brandwood, CEO
  • Paul Legan, CTO
  • Mike Hardiman, Vice President of Client Services
  • Katrina Fraze, Vice President of Client Services

In case you didn't know, 3|SHARE is part of the Publicis Groupe and our sister company Publicis Sapient will have a booth featuring an interactive game, industry video and giveaways. You can also set up a time to meet some of our team there at booth #601. View the Publicis Sapient Adobe Summit page to learn about what sessions they are going to be hosting too!

Attend Adobe Summit Virtually

If you can't make it to Las Vegas, you can still register to attend virtual Summit sessions.  If you register, you are also able  to stream the live sessions on-demand after they are run, so you don't have to worry about missing out on valuable information. These sessions are marked "on demand". There are some that are also live-streamed that 3|SHARE will also be attending virtually, and we'll share our takes on key sessions later. If you want to see what's on virtually or register, visit the Adobe Summit virtual page.

Sessions We Recommend

Since we are always focused on Adobe, we have found a lot of interesting sessions to attend at Summit. And as you may know from our Adobe Workfront article series which started out with our Top 10 Creative Process Issues post, we will call out a few sessions based on Workfront. 

Building a Content Supply Chain That Scales with DAM, March 21, 11AM - 2PM PDT
What we like about this: When we work with clients, we strive to scalability of solutions even if that isn't always top of mind for the client and think the subject is important.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets: Top DAM Innovations, March 22, 2:30PM - 3:30PM PDT
What we like about this: The Digital Asset Manager is such a vital component of AEM, and we want to know what great new features we can tell our clients about and start building in for them!

2023 Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Top Innovations, March 22, 1PM - 2PM PDT
What we like about this: See above. We want to know what is coming to AEM Sites.

20,000 Deliverables: From Workflow to Chaos to Harmony, March 22, 1PM - 2PM PDT
What we like about this: Last year, we dedicated an entire blog series to this subject and want to hear about an Adobe Workfront customer that used the tool to achieve a better process.

Connect Adobe Clouds in Just Minutes Using Adobe Workfront, March 21, 2:30PM - 3:30PM PDT (in-person only)
What we like about this: In all likelihood, your creative team is using Adobe Creative Cloud and a big advantage to using Adobe Workfront is the ability to simplify the file sharing and production process. We like simplicity and are big fans of taking advantage of this feature.

Workfront Fusion Advanced: Automation Best Practices, March 23, 9AM - 10:30AM PDT and 1:30PM - 3PM PDT (in-person only)
What we like about this: Fusion is one of the most powerful aspects of Adobe Workfront as it connects you to applications outside of the Adobe ecosystem so you can use all of the tools you love.

Powering Personalized Customer Experiences with AI, March 23, 11AM - Noon PDT
What we like about this: Even AI is talking about AI these days and 3|SHARE has been working on some fun AI meets AEM implementations which we'll share soon but until then, this is a great way to explore what is possible.

Personalize Insights and Engagement with Adobe Experience, March 21, 4PM - 5PM PDT
What we like about this: Building off of the AI conversations, applying learnings to the experience you give your customers is vital to creating personalized content at vital times and we're on board with that.

Activate Beyond Adobe Solutions - Integrate Adobe Everywhere, March 22, 1PM - 2PM PDT
What we like about this: 3|SHARE has built a connector for Brightcove and are no strangers to integrations between platforms to provide the means for outside content to be displayed and data to be transferred making AEM even more powerful.

Whether you attend Adobe Summit virtually or in-person, you'll find useful information about Adobe Experience Cloud products. We'd love to hear from you. Send through any questions via our Contact page.



Rabiah Coon

Rabiah Coon is 3|SHARE's Sr. Marketing Manager and former Project Manager. She loves the flexibility 3|SHARE offers employees, allowing them to work from anywhere. And, she enjoys working with clients and the great outcomes we acheive. Outside of work, Rabiah performs standup comedy and hosts More Than Work Podcast.