Top 12 Adobe Summit Sessions - Staff Picks

Bradley Surratt, April 5, 2021

So Many Sessions... So Little Time.

With over 450+ unique sessions, spanning 11 tracks  and attracting an unprecedented 500,000+ attendees - this years'  Adobe Summit - The Digital Experience Conference is expected to bigger and better than ever before. New this year, the FREE (and 100% virtual) event is set to launch April 27th - April 29th. It's without a doubt "THE PLACE TO BE" for digital experience makers around the globe.   

With so many sessions to choose from, you'll inevitably find yourself asking this one burning question...

Which Adobe Summit session(s) should I attend in the (short) amount of time that I have? 

Luckily,  we're here to help you answer that exact question.  We put together a list of our top three recommended sessions to attend from four of the most popular tracks offered.  


Session Track: Adobe Experience Platform

Experience Platform, is the foundation of Experience Cloud products. It's an open system that transforms all your data — Adobe and non-Adobe — into robust customer profiles that update in real time and uses AI-driven insights to help you to deliver the right experiences across every channel.

1) To Change or Not Change Your CX Journey – That’s an AI Question | April 27th at 11:00am PDT | Presented by: 3|SHARE & Roche Pharmaceuticals

What if shaking a Magic 8-Ball could really tell us what to do and then back it up with raw data? While AI might not come in the form of an 8-Ball (yet), it can certainly help you decide if making changes to your customer experience journey is a wise decision. Among other things, we'll help you identify the many pitfalls to avoid when implementing your AI and Machine Learning strategies.

2) CX Avengers: The Adobe Alliance for CXM Innovation | April 27th at 12:00pm PDT | Presented by: Adobe

The CX Infinity Wars are heating up! Industries are going through radical change, and every business strives to become an experience-driven brand. What does this mean for your business and how can you rely on Adobe to lead with customer experience management in this era of hyper-personalization? Whether you are in IT or in a customer experience line of business, this session will help you understand how Adobe’s solutions form an alliance for customer experience management and help deliver customer experiences faster, further, and better.

3) AI/ML for CX: The Hyper-Personalization Genie | April 28th at 2:30pm PDT | Presented by: Adobe

Hyper-personalized experiences help you serve your customers better without them even having to ask. It’s all about having the right context and sensing, understanding and responding to customer expectations at any point in time. The optimal way to achieve this is by applying the rich predictive and prescriptive insights derived from AI/ML workloads to your customer experience use cases in a timely fashion.


Session Track: Digital Commerce

Companies are turning to digital commerce as the dominant or only channel to drive business growth. Hear how Adobe Commerce Cloud, powered by Magento, is helping companies be more agile in reaching new buyers, open new channels, enable new buyer journeys across industries, and quickly bring new international markets online.

1) PWA Technology Meets Prestige Skincare | April 28th at 1:30pm PDT | Presented by: Corra & Elemis

Acquired by L’Occitane International in 2019, Elemis is the No. 1 independent skincare brand in Britain. Its science-backed skincare products and cutting-edge patented technology are globally renowned, and the company wanted to design and build a site to reflect this reputation. The solution was a progressive web app (PWA) – a mobile-first, future-proof e-commerce site that can scale with consumer expectations. Join Luigi Raffo, senior director of global digital experience at Elemis, and Michael Harvey, chief strategy officer at Corra, to discuss the final product and future roadmap.

2) Commerce Roadmap Updates | April 27th at 11:30am PDT | Presented by: Adobe

Join leaders from the Magento Product Management team to learn about the upcoming roadmap across Magento Commerce, Business Intelligence, Cloud, and the latest Adobe Experience Cloud integrations. Get a head start on adopting new business and developer capabilities to drive your business forward..

3) Designing a One-of-a-Kind Experience With Melissa and Doug | April 28th at 12:00pm PDT | Presented by: Corra & LifeLines

How do you design a digital experience inspired by the uniquely personal journey of one extraordinary individual? Certainly not with a handbook or templated theme. Melissa and Doug, the creators of their namesake toy empire, are onto their next venture:, a digital ecosystem born from Melissa’s experience with existential depression and anxiety. Their mission? To guide a community of “seekers” on their own path to self-acceptance. Hear Melissa passionately recall how her vision came to life with the help of Corra’s innovative team and Magento’s headless technology/PWA framework.



In a digital-first world, personalized content drives everything from first impressions and first purchases to lasting customer relationships. Join us as we look at the brands and Adobe innovations that are transforming the way experiences are created, optimized, and delivered. They’ve been able to capitalize on the accelerated shift to digital—from customer engagement to commerce. ​​

1) The Quest for Identity | April 27th at 1:00pm PDT | Presented by: Adobe & Epsilon

Solving for customer identity is no easy feat. Understanding how to recognize real people at the individual level, increase your reach, hyper-personalize, and measure results with refined insights are essential to achieve marketing success. In partnership, Epsilon and Adobe are helping clients uncover identified consumers and deliver rapid time to value.

2) The Future of Personalization in Adobe Experience Cloud | April 28th at 10:30am PDT | Presented by: Adobe

With consumer expectations for brands at an all-time high, marketers must align highly personalized capabilities for inbound channels with outbound communications to deliver deeper levels of engagement throughout the customer lifecycle, whether it’s for advertising, acquisition, upsell, cross-sell, retention, or loyalty. And marketers must do all this in a rapidly evolving technology landscape with a laser focus on consumer privacy and performance. Join Adobe experts to discuss the future of personalization and how Adobe Target and Adobe Experience Platform are evolving to power the next generation of personalized experiences.

3) Flawless and Consistent Omnichannel Personalization in M&E | April 28th at 11:00am PDT | Presented by: Adobe & Comcast

Learn how to simplify your personalization strategy to deliver consistently exceptional experiences for your customers. Hear firsthand from Courtney Goldstein, Comcast’s SVP of lifecycle marketing, on how they have transformed their business through customer experience management.


Session Track: Collaborative Work Management

As 2020 has proven, team collaboration and managing business processes are critical for today's, modern customer experience businesses to stay competitive.  Learn more about how Adobe's recent acquisition of Workfront can help your organization drive efficiency across all aspects of product development, marketing/media campaigns, and creative production by integrating unified process governance across the Adobe Experience Cloud suite of solutions.

1) The Essential Role of Work Management for Your Organization | April 27th at 12:00pm PDT | Presented by: Adobe

What is work management, and how can it help your organization? Discover how your organization can benefit from implementing a work management system.  Learn about:  One central place for managing work, intake, and demand management, allowing you to quickly respond to changing priorities and focus on the right work; integration and connection with other critical tools; and the ability to plan, manage, and measure work based on data.

2) Orchestrate Global Management of Your Processes and Assets | April 27th at 3:00pm PDT | Presented by: Adobe & Sage

To deliver products and services at an ever-accelerating speed, teams need to work across functions seamlessly to meet strategic goals. The future of work will rely even more on an automated and standardized flow of data and real-time communication to better manage resources and capacity, measure execution against strategic goals, and orchestrate work in a more coordinated, collaborative environment.  Learn how Workfront can help your work orchestration efforts and allow your team to better manage processes, assets, content, and outcomes.

3) How Workfront Enhances Your Marketing Delivery | April 28th at 10:00am PDT | Presented by: Adobe

Evolve complex marketing programs and campaigns to meet changing demands faster than ever. Define clear priorities, and scale cross-functional deliverables with predictability and ease. With a single system of record for your marketing team, you can accelerate the production of assets, tackle rapid change, and deliver an exceptional customer experience.  Learn how your marketing team can immediately provide an impact by getting real-time insights into volume, velocity, and the value of work being done across the organization.

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Thanks for reading - if you think we missed something, or have a session you think we should add - Contact and reference this blog post. We're looking forward to "seeing" you at Adobe Summit!


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