5 Signs Your Marketing Team is Ready for Adobe Experience Manager

Gordon Pike, October 24, 2019

Successful sites and teams grow over time and the tools that served well at launch may not be cutting it now. Maybe your team's site portfolio has grown through merger and acquisition, or perhaps you've grown through a series of methodically crafted marketing campaigns. No matter how you get there, a successful marketing team usually ends up with a large number of sites and digital assets in their portfolio - spread out over a patchwork of well intended software tools. That’s when it’s time to consider moving to an industrial strength CMS like Adobe Experience Manager. Here are 5 tell tale signs you’ve arrived.


1. It’s 4:30 pm on Friday, the intra-departmental beer pong tournament is in full swing. The new hot shot in legal calls to inform you he had a chat with the Senior VP and they want the return policy changed effective 12:01 am Monday morning on all 65 of your sites. Those sites that look similar but are completely independent. Then he wishes you a great time on your trip to Yellowstone this weekend.


2. Your team has been working on a total redesign of all your sites for the past year and it’s paid off in some killer content. You nailed the big unveiling for the executive meeting, until the VP from Quebec demands to know why you continue to discriminate against her business unit by not having a French Canadian version ready. She asks, “Is it personal”?


3. You finally realize that Outlook, Gmail and DropBox are not the panacea of image sharing and approval workflow goodness it once was. It’s also time to donate your MC Hammer pants and Sony Walkman to the Smithsonian, no really your spouse is right … it’s time.


4. It’s 3:00 in the morning you wake up in a cold sweat. You wonder will the sites stay up when that provocative new article that’s gonna define you as a marketing genius goes viral like a Kim Kardashian selfie?


5. Your boss loved the awesome new website site your team released today then asks when he can download the same content as an app on his iPhone so he can review it on his transatlantic flight Tuesday?


If any of the above sounds familiar, it's about time you do something about it! Schedule your free Adobe Fitness Test with the 3|SHARE team and see how our qualified consultants can overhaul your digital environment using world class marketing solutions from the Adobe Experience Cloud stack.

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Gordon Pike

Gordon Pike is a Technical Architect at 3|SHARE.