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2024 Adobe Summit Session Shortlist

Rabiah Coon, March 15, 2024

As we do every year, 3|SHARE is looking forward to attending this year’s Adobe Summit in Las Vegas. Joining our CEO Paul Brandwood will be our CTO Paul Legan, CSO Mike Hardiman and our Vice President of Client Services, Dave Holt. We’ll be busy meeting with our partners at Adobe, current clients and potential clients. Maybe even you.

We’d love to have our entire team there but since that isn’t possible, many of us will still be attending online which is a great option for Summit. So, even if you can’t be in Las Vegas, you can still take advantage of the option to join sessions virtually. There are 29 available online.

Adobe Summit Session Recommendations

As always, there is a lot of Summit content to choose from. And, based on a mix of our interest in staying current with Adobe product news, providing the most optimal solutions for our clients and also technology in general, our team has come up with our 2024 Adobe Summit Shortlist. It’s a list of sessions we recommend. I’ll be back after Summit too, with our learnings and opinions about selected sessions.

Human Generated List of AI Sessions

It was inevitable that some of our recommended sessions would focus on AI! We are even hosting our own Evolve with 3|SHARE webinar called “Practical Use of AI in Content Supply Chain” on March 20th.

Content Strategy and Architecture: Design to Drive Velocity with GenAI (In person)
This one seems essential to anyone attending because Adobe will look at how to incorporate GenAI into their Content Supply Chain from workflows to content creation to content distribution. 

Generate Content and Measure Impact with GenAI in Experience Manager Sites (In person)
This lab experience promises to provide guidance in using Edge Services and GenAI to generate and experiment with personalized content. 

Getting Started with GenAI in Adobe Experience Manager Sites (In person)
If you haven't delved into GenAI yet, this one will provide learned from others who have used GenAI in AEM to generate content, measure its effectiveness and make decisions.

Adobe Experience Manager Sessions

Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Top Innovations (In person, Virtual)
Always one of our favorite sessions, we are excited to take a look at improvements and features we can help our clients take advantage of including those around delivery optimization and GenAI.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets: Top DAM Innovations (In person)
AEM is already excellent for Digital Asset Management and Adobe is still adding features and making improvements. We are looking forward to hearing about the expanded integration possibilities that are being implemented. For those who are only able to attend online, we recommend The Future of DAM which will also touch on innovations around DAM and more.

Accelerating CMS Projects with Edge Delivery Services in AEM Sites (In person)
We learned a lot about Edge last year and can't wait to hear more about how authoring and content delivery is being optimized in this AEM Sites session.

Content Supply Chain Sessions

How Adobe Optimized Its Content Supply Chain (In person)
If you're thinking about making changes to the way you create content or working with a client that is, hearing about Adobe's process and lessons learned sounds like a good way to get some insights into ways to approach the work.

Revolutionizing Content Production with Adobe (In person)
What we like about this session is that Adobe Workfront is featured. We have seen this product change the game for clients and we are always interested in hearing more.

The Secret to High-Performing Content Supply Chain: Data Standards (In person)
IBM and Claravine are presenting at this session, sharing the importance of a data model in a Content Supply Chain which is an aspect of delivering content at scale that people often don't think about as soon as they should.

Final Thoughts Before Adobe Summit 2024

In addition to the above, there are of course the Keynote sessions that are available online and in person, and they are always both interesting and impressive.

A complete list of the 2024 Adobe Summit sessions can be found on the sessions listing page. At the top of the page, tabs will let you filter by events that are online or in person. And on the left side, you can refine filters further by various facets such as Product, Session Type and Track.

If you'll be at Adobe Summit, please let us know. Fill out our contact us form to let us know and we'll be in touch. 

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Rabiah Coon

Rabiah Coon is 3|SHARE's Sr. Marketing Manager and former Project Manager. She loves the flexibility 3|SHARE offers employees, allowing them to work from anywhere. And, she enjoys working with clients and the great outcomes we acheive. Outside of work, Rabiah performs standup comedy and hosts More Than Work Podcast.