2023 Virtual Adobe Summit Wrap-up

Payton Henry, April 13, 2023

It’s been a few weeks since Adobe Summit came to Las Vegas, Nevada. Fortunately, the in-person sessions became available to stream on-demand shortly after Summit was over.  Some of the broader 3|SHARE team was able to watch these sessions and provide their take-aways.

Highlights of Attending Virtual Summit

I personally enjoyed being able to attend Summit virtually. It was nice to be able to just use small portions of the day to watch sessions of interest and learn from industry experts. For our client-facing team members, attending virtually allowed them to get all the great benefits of attending the sessions while still being able to meet previously established commitments to clients. Here is what a few colleagues had to say:

"I enjoyed attending the summit virtually since I can take part in it from the comfort of my workplace, and still feel that I didn’t miss out, and I can gain the knowledge that they share."

"Attending the 2023 Summit gave me the opportunity to listen to real-world implementation scenarios and new updates that are coming to Campaign UI and wider marketing cloud making it very simple. "

Session Summaries

Below is a listing of some of the sessions the 3|SHARE team attended and what we thought.

How to Leverage AI Across Adobe Experience Platform - S413

Reviewed by Jorge Chércoles Moreno, AEM Backend Developer
AI innovations powered by Adobe Sensei will help clients understand their customers better, predict customer behavior, and make informed AI-driven decisions, even without expertise in data science. The use of generative AI will help to increase the productivity of marketing campaigns in every aspect of the process, from audience generation to result analysis. It is an exciting time for AI and the possibilities are truly endless.

How to Harness the Power of Generative AI for the Enterprise - S738

Reviewed by Jorge Chércoles Moreno, AEM Backend Developer
This session provides valuable insights on how to effectively use generative AI in an enterprise setting. It also highlights the challenges of automating a process end-to-end, which can help clients better understand the complexities involved in creating a successful AI implementation. What I found most exciting about the session was the explanation of the concept of "model drift" and the potential risks associated with using AI models without proper supervision.

20,000 Deliverables: From Workflow Chaos to Harmony - S608

Reviewed by Payton Henry, Marketing Specialist
In an organization of any size, your workflow is being interrupted by new tasks, from different people, at all angles, all day long, with no one source of truth for anything. Workfront eliminates the noise by creating that one source of truth, prioritizing tasks, assigning tasks to available people, and making the status known to all members of the team.  Creating a successful workflow alleviates frustration among creative teams and reduces team attrition.

2023 Adobe Experience Manager Sites: Top Innovations - S314

Reviewed by Tomasz Fiszerowicz, Senior Front-End Developer
This session explains how crucial page optimization is to make it business effective, and how to achieve it with Adobe Experience Manager in 2023.

Adobe Experience Manager Assets: Top DAM Innovations - S302

Reviewed by Varun Rawat, Technical Architect
The most interesting part of this session was learning about a new search feature that allows you to search for assets within AEM Assets. This feature can help the content author to search assets quickly and save them time while loading content.

Orchestrating Customer Engagement with Adobe Campaign - S806

Ameya Kathapurkar, Adobe Experience Cloud Solution Specialist
Enterprises often have siloed data or lack the ability to adapt to the needs of the current generation of customers. Having structured data activated with real time decision making shapes the way to improvise digital footprint and keep customers engaged and informed.

Amplifying Real-Time Journeys & Outbound Marketing Campaigns - S808

Reviewed by Ameya Kathapurkar, Adobe Experience Cloud Solution Specialist
in today’s environment, clients often have disjointed reporting and have too many tools. Clients can use AJO/Campaign and house the MarTech Stack all under one roof. Providing next best experience means moving from reactive marketing automation to predictive marketing automation.

See Under the Hood of Adobe Experience Platform - S401

Reviewed by Ameya Kathapurkar, Adobe Experience Cloud Solution Specialist
When clients are introduced to AEP, they believe it’s a data warehouse replacement solution but it’s not. AEP must be considered as unified event collection layer for customer profile. AEP is a centralizing hub, leading from tangled point-to-point integrations to cohesive customer experience ecosystem which is centralized.

These sessions and more are available to stream on Adobe’s Summit Website if you’d like to view them in their entirety. Thank you for following along with us and thank you to Adobe for creating a super event that the 3|SHARE team was able to benefit from in-person and online. If you want to learn more about any of the above or are looking for someone to help with your AEM implementation, contact us.

Payton Henry

Payton Henry is a Marketing Specialist at 3|SHARE. She enjoys the flexible environment 3|SHARE affords, and learning new things from her co-workers. Outside of work she enjoys walks with her dog and exploring new places.