3|SHARE Launches Remote Operations Management (ROM) for CQ5

Leading Adobe® Systems Solution Partner unveils service that provides monitoring, administration, and advanced support for the entire CQ5® stack.

April 12, 2012

Carlsbad, CA - 3|SHARE Corporation, an Adobe Systems Solution Partner and leading implementer Adobe Systems Day CQ5 for Content Management, Digital Asset Management, and Social Collaboration, today announced the release of Remote Operations Management for CQ5. 

ROM for CQ5 is a flexible subscription-based service that maximizes the value our clients generate with their Adobe Systems Day CQ5 investment.  The offering provides monitoring, proactive incident management, full administration, as well as advanced services like change management, proactive optimization, and technical leadership for the complete hardware and software stack. 

“3|SHARE’s ROM for CQ5 gives our customers a single monitoring and management system that covers CQ5 and all its components including storage, server, operating system, application server, content repository, and CQ5,” said Rich Brown, CTO and Co-Founder of 3|SHARE Corporation.  “This effectively allows the customer to run their highly tuned CQ5 investment as an appliance.  It reduces risk and increases the value the system provides.”

The offering provides continuous 24X7 monitoring and incident management coupled with CQ5 experts who provide remote administration and proactive services using Adobe Systems best practices.  This results in increased system reliability as well as enhanced performance and availability of the Adobe Systems Day CQ5 environment.

“Our ROM for CQ5 offering is modular in nature allowing us to work closely with our clients to ensure our services are tailored to meet their unique needs,” remarked Jess Moore, CEO and Co-founder of 3|SHARE Corporation.  “This flexibility coupled with deep CQ5 expertise generates massive value not only in the data center, but throughout the entire business.”

About 3|SHARE

3|SHARE is renowned across the globe, and, perhaps, a few planets, for expertise in supporting the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. They are obsessed with making clients wildly successful through consulting and remote operations management for Adobe Experience Manager. Serving clients throughout North America, Europe, and Latin America, 3|SHARE is a member the Publicis Groupe family of companies, as well as an Adobe Business Level partner and recipient of Adobe’s Digital Marketing Partner of the Year for 2015 & 2016. www.3sharecorp.com